We manufacture a full range of table napkins, of different sizes and types. They can be grouped according to their main characteristics:

According to size:

  • napkins 18x18 cm
  • napkins 24x24 cm
  • napkins 25x25 cm
  • napkins 30x30 cm
  • napkins 33x33 cm
  • napkins 37x37 cm
  • napkins 40x40 cm

According to layers:

  • napkins with 1 layer
  • napkins with 2 layers
  • napkins with 3 layers

By color:

  • white napkins
  • pale color napkins
  • deep color napkins

By printing mode:

  • unprinted napkins
  • up to 8 color printed napkins

By the way of folding:

  • ¼ napkins
  • ⅛ napkins
  • dispenser type napkins

By the way of embossing:

  • napkins with border
  • napkins with continuous embossing
  • laminated napkins

By the raw material used:

  • napkins made of pure cellulose
  • napkins made of recycled fiber